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100 Free Date SitesJust when I was about to turn the knob Mason appeared in front of me. I grabbed him by the neck and pulled him closer to me then crashed my lips onto his. At first he didn’t respond but then soon later he did. His arm wrapped itself around my waist. I pushed him to the wall then played with his hair. He bit my lower lip and I granted him access.

He slid his tongue into my mouth and gentle slashed it everywhere. I also did the same to him. In the background you can hear the guys and girls cheering for us. I then pulled back and looked into his eyes when I said out of breathe “I-I-I’m sorry, take me back please?

” “Okay, I want you Olivia to place your left arm out. Neil, place your right arm out”. Margaret said. I ripped myself away from Melanie, shaking my head, “Stay away from me. I want nothing to do with you. I’m finally happy.

You’re not going to ruin that!” I turned around, finding Jason looking at me. A/N – Since I really don’t know how to upload pictures (haha, sorry) If you WANT to see how she looks, go to Google, or Youtube and look up, “Neva Gave A Fuck Freestyle” by Snow Tha Product… and yeah, you’ll see how she looks.

“ You shot my ass!” I heard him scream at me. I started laughing, and ran through the tree’s trying to find a place to hide, but also have a good view to shoot. I heard someone walking toward me, and I stopped, and looked around, and slowly side stepped hiding behind a big tree. I felt a throbbing pain in my leg, and I looked down and saw my newest cut. I sighed, and looked back up pressing myself against the tree aiming my gun and looking around.

I looked through my pointer, and saw troy slowly walking and looking. A huge evil grin came across my face, and I settled my gun, and pulled the trigger.

I hit him right where the hear would be, and I leaned back again the tree hiding, and the look on his face was priceless.

He looked down at the paintball splatter, and when he saw it was my color, pure anger spreads across his face. I push myself against the tree biting my lip to hold back my laughter’s. i heard him muttering some curses, and I put my hand over my mouth and close my eyes. I stand there for a couple of minutes, and I turn around and he was gone. I smirked, and started to weave my way through the trees. Two down seven to go. I smirked.

I’ve gotten art and troy now I just need to get the rest. This is so my game… I hope…. As I was walking I stopped and saw a baby deer. I smiled and knelt down watching it.

100 Free Date Sites