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All the guys glared with a pout. “ Wait, let me finish,” He said. I stayed quiet. “ You might think im only saying this, because of how your appearance changed, but that’s not it. I mean, when you changed your appearance, yes it did help me realize more that you’re not a little girl anymore, your becoming a beautiful woman, you have always been a damn pretty girl… your gorgeous Ty,” He said. I stood there, I didn’t know what the hell to do. “ I’m not asking you to give me a second chance, ha im not even expecting that. I’m just asking you, don’t cut me out of your life, because you and Clay, and the guys, your all part of my life, I can’t lose all of you…” the last part turned into a whisper. I don’t want to just say Art oh, I love you too, have us kiss and something like from one of those lame ass romantic novels and movies, but all I want to do is tell him it’s ok. Tell him I love him, and I need him in my life. I don’t want him in it, I freaking need him. I felt a tear in my eye. I asked, starting to be frustrated. The sun was baking me alive.

I stood in the middle of the field with my eyes closed looking down at my outfit. I was still wearing the guys gym uniform, so I have to participate with the guys. The sun was killing me today though it’s so freaking hot outside. Behind them, off in the distance, I also spotted Randy.

It still hurt to see him, to remember the way he’d broken my trust, but not as much as it had a couple weeks ago. And that hurt wasn’t nearly enough to dim my excitement and pride tonight. ‘Franny, we need to talk. im pregnant… i think its yours :L’ is what it said, and I felt my heart drop. I was gasping for air, it was hard to breathe.

For some odd reason, I trusted him. With everything I had. Hell, I was ready to give it to him yesterday!

But… who was I kidding? He’s just a whore…

that’ll never be ready for commitment.

“It’s interesting. these people care more about you than they do their own lives.

” I jumped up, only to come face to face with Paul. “She doesn’t give a cow’s patoot what they think. Said it’s good to have new surroundings and she thinks that the memories are causing her depressio, 100 Free Online Dating.

She really thinks this’ll be good for her.” Mabel said. “How about getting you a costume for Halloween?

” I asked him, come’on kids love Halloween!

100 Free Online Dating