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I hesitated for a few moments before saying in a slightly cheerful voice. “Hi mom.” I leaned down and picked up the spoo, Absolutely Free Dating Sites.

“ Oh yeah, a bet. About? I have no clue…” “Penny,” I grabbed her and gave her a nice long hug. She hugged me back, and as I pulled away, I knew she was so enchanted she would do anything for me. “Penny,” I repeated, “I have an idea,” “You have to save money.” “Let’s go” said Will coming down the stairs He smiled and said “Ok now you have to grab the colander?

” I carried him into the bathroom (making me as mucky as him) and plonked him in the shower. I rinsed his fur until once again you could see his blonde hair. I picked him up, muttering things at him all the while, and dried him quickly with a towel. It’s probably best I leave him in my room until I get everywhere clean, I thought.

And so I poured him some fresh water in his bowl and set off back downstairs. “Okay, shall I make tea or not?” “What the crap is the Sharuken ritual?!

” I bark, tired once and for all of hearing this nonsense.

“Why am I the one being left out here?” I barely notice the tear budding at the corner of my eye until it runs down my face. Scolding myself for acting like an emotional idiot, I lie back against the wall again and close my eyes. Crying over such a matter is silly. Crying over anything is silly. “Don’t look so sad hun, its only for the summer.

” My mum said in a loving voice, grabbing my hand to hold it. “AN ISLAND?!” I asked, “OF YOU’RE OWN?!” Xavier smiles.

“Of course not, Mona. I’m all yours.

” “ Stupid people,” I muttered.

Suddenly, Eve changed. Her soft blue eyes grew hard, her hand clenching. She ripped her hand away from Akemi, Ayako’s eyes wide with amazement.

I shake my head, dismissing my thoughts. I cannot think of Xavier right now, much less his identical counterpart.

“ THAT CRAZY BITCH!” “Eve, if you knew how lovesick he was, Absolutely Free Dating Sites then you’d understand,” I was taken back, what did he just say? “What?” and turned to face him “What did you just say?” “ The kiss,” He said louder. “Well, I have to go now. Duty calls.

Don’t lose hope! She still has time…don’t think about the future before it happens!

” She waved her gloved hand as she backed out of the room, leaving the loneliness to drift i, Absolutely Free Dating Sites. I reached under the blankets and grasped my unconscious mom’s hand. It was frigid cold. I tried warming it up by enveloping it in my ow, Absolutely Free Dating Sites.

Absolutely Free Dating Sites