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In total we spent about 4 hours on it. Two hours each day. We handed it in the following day and the teacher gave us a 96% on it. Apparently we got the four percent taken off because are fonts were all the same …. stupid teacher. No one else used different fonts and she didn’t take any percents off for them … I think she secretly just hates us. Oh well she can kiss my … never mind. “Hi Taylor,” the girl smirked beside her. Kristy Swanson, most popular girl in Riverton High, otherwise known as the evilest bitch alive. “ Ah shut up why don’t yuh!” I hissed.

Clay rubbed his temples and walked upstairs into his room. I turned around to look at Corey.

“I thought you were asleep!” I huffed, and he laughed at my reddening cheeks.

“Na, wanted to meet her first” Simon said The strike wasn’t over. He froze, but snapped back to reality. Her scent sliced through his haze, becoming so much more potent with her orgasms.

He bit his tongue, groaning at the hunger, so fierce, wearing on what was left of his sanity as he rolled away, and shoving his face into a pillow that smelled so much like her. Of course. He had to leave, to get away from her. “Nathan!” I squealed.

Just before I lost my balance he took a dash towards me and with his arms wrapped around me we fell in the water together. Laughing and gasping for air, I came up. It wasn’t deep and we could both stand.


” He won’t. “What do you think???” I asked him back and crossed my arms. “Vanessa, what’s wrong? Why are you looking at your nail like full of disgust?

Your nails are beautiful.” Mrs. Cohen asked and gently took my hand and patted it. However, I have no time to wipe off my grin, for the biggest fish in the sea is swimming our way. In other words, Sidney Richards, two of her girls following behind her as backup.

I don’t even know their names, nor does most of the school’s populatio, African Dating Site.

They are just known as Sidney’s girls, only good for fake laughs and compliments. Just what Sidney needs.

The sound of a crackling fire is the first thing I notice when my eyes ope, African Dating Site. The light aroma of cinnamon wafts throughout the room, although tainted by a heavy premonition that I can’t seem to shake, even if I can’t quite remember the reason for that mysterious feeling. “Bitch please.

I can talk as much as I want in my house.

If you have a problem with that I’d be MORE than happy to show you out. Along with you two.” I said with a fake smile on my face to her and her skanks

African Dating Site