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Alternative Dating SitesI did not know if I had dreamed it but I thought I had heard somebody. I forced my body to move back to the spot where I had been lying and fell down like a sack of flour. I suddenly felt something cool touch my lips. At first I thought it was my imaginatio, Alternative Dating Sites.

I slowly opened my eyes and could not believe who I saw there.

I was sure I was imagining now. But the water tasted real and I drank it, even though I knew that I would throw it up anyways. I wanted to ask Durwald if he was real. But it seemed like such a stupid question if he wasn’t real, it wasn’t like he was going to answer.

It seemed like an even more stupid question if he was real. It would prove to him that I was absolutely weird. I couldn’t believe that I was actually thinking about this when I was on the verge of being saved from this island.

He put something on my forehead and I decided the only way to find out if he was real or not was to touch the object on my forehead and see if it was really there.

With great effort I managed to lift my hand and when I touched the wet cloth a wave of relief swept over me. I looked at him and saw that he had taken off his shirt.

That was probably the thing on my forehead.

Right before I dozed off I registered how muscular he was, how strong he looked. “It must be hell,” I comment softly to myself while examining my arm, “otherwise both of our injuries would be healed by now. It’s been a good fifteen minutes since we landed in here. I think.” As expected, he hears me and once again his eyes fly ope, Alternative Dating Sites. Most of the night passed by and Vanessa was being introduced to many people.

“It’s the… the voices! Don’t tell me you don’t hear them.” I try to close my ears, but it bursts through anyways, scaring me with its ferocity.

“It is so loud.” I jerked up from my bed, my alarm clock beeping, furiously pressing the snooze butto, Alternative Dating Sites. Just a few more minutes… I was having the most wonderful dream.

I angrily banged the alarm clock, wanting to turn back the time, to experience that pure bliss once more.

Alternative Dating Sites