American Chinese Girl

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American Chinese GirlI ducked my head. “Well, you’re the one who wanted to prove you were sorry. I think climbing the drainpipe was the least you could do.” “When you turn eighteen, which is in two weeks. Once you become eighteen, you will experience a change, and you will become your wolf form. You and your family will have a ritual, welcoming you into the pack. The alpha will grant you into the pack, but considering he’s your mate, I doubt you’ll need actual granting,” Her dad chuckled.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The lush landscape around us, filled with tall trees, prickly bushes, and many colorful flowers, fades into a concrete road, trimmed grass, and stubby buildings as we reach the edge of our territory. We own practically the entire forest, earning both privacy and a great place to hunt. Rumors swirl around the surrounding area, some of which we start ourselves, scaring most people into fearing the forest more than death itself.

We’re lucky Mona never heard those rumors, for then we would have a lot of explaining to do. “ yeah, disappointed. When I meet people I automatically have respect for them, until they do something that loses my respect, and out of all the people I never imagined you losing my respect but you did, and you have to gain my trust again, and rebuild my respect for you,” I whispered.

“Uh-huh,” Chloe said slowly. “And what is this shiny new idea?” “Ok, people let’s get cleaning for tomorrow” Ali ordered “Do not speak of him as such. You know as well as I that he is justified to it, so you of all males should back off. He’s your brother Alocer, and you should take pride in him.” Alocer blew on his nails and looked up with a chalk-dry expressio, American Chinese Girl.

And that was why Alocer remained unmissed. He cared for none but himself, he was selfish.

“Oh my God, she is FUNNY!

” I said, grinning. “Hey,” Kelsey said, tapping me on the shoulder and whispering into my ear so the others didn’t hear, “I’m going downstairs to make the guys leave before my parents come home and flip their shit.” They all had shocked and angry faces. “What?” I snapped at them and they automatically looked down at their food. A few challenged me for a little while.

Until they had disappointed looks and returned to their food. But, instead of eating they picked at their food. I shook my head, whatever. My appetite was gone, and I felt a burning sensation in my chest.

I couldn’t eat.

American Chinese Girl