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Arab Dating

We drove for about 5 more minutes with Kayden singing the WHOLE time. Please shoot me? I beg of you. “Hey, mom!” I said, relieved that she is ok. Other than that, I hate this job. But one thing for sure, I’m going to win this bet. “ Little girl?” I scoffed. I let him give me a quick kiss on the lips before he ran back toward the double doors that led into the gym. Finally his tender lips come to a close, and with it comes peace. For a few seconds, this peace washes over us like a tidal wave, and everything is perfect. “Don’t you dare!” I hissed.

“Do you want a meal?” The maid asked and I realized how hungry I would. I nodded and the maid quickly scurried away. I walked to the second floor – to my bedroom – and changed outfit.

I went down the stairs to see if my meal is ready and it is. I dug into my food hungrily.

“Yeah,” I say dryly. They stare at her like she is an unwrapped present, immediately turning on the charm.

“Um…cleaning? Sorting?” Well, she is pretty close.

“I can’t believe this.” “I’m hot?” He asked smiling Blair growled as she began to stalk around Linsay and before she could dodge out of the way Blair launched herself at her. While in mid air she transformed into her wolf and grabbed Linsay around her neck. Slowly, so slowly she began to sink her teeth into her, “Do you want to die slowly and painfully or fast and painless.” She growled low enough that only those closest to her and Linsay heard what she’d said. “What?” he looked at me. “No it won’t!” I whined.

“ Evian where you gonna call little ole me perty?” I laughed trying to wrap my arm around his shoulder, but he is like six foot so that’s not going to work, and I wrapped is around his abdome, Arab Dating.

He looked down at me, and smiled. ‘Darling, hes changed.

Arab Dating