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Asia Girl ComTime is still wastin’ “ Go sit down,” he sighed. I smirked, and walked over to my table, and sat dow, Asia Girl Com. Johnny and Mike looked up at me, and I slumped down into my seat. The door opened again, and I looked up, and saw… No…. “Do you still want to…meet up, tonight?”He asks in a low tone, his hand pulling on my arm. It burns from his touch, but not in a bad way at all. But the silence didn’t last long when Jason broke the silence. “I don’t know, Sadie,” I shrugged, “I guess I get a little embarrassed to sing in front of people.

You know how I am,” Sadie nodded. She knew what lengths I would go to, to avoid getting up in front of a classroom. Those prying eyes, Asia Girl Com the unending stares…

I shuddered at the thought.

I hadn’t gotten up in front of the class since seventh grade.

“Bianca! Just calm down!” I yelled, running over to her side Cool, so you’re a journalist Right now, he looks like the wolf. “They talked about us in the paper” I said “Hey um…care to explain?

” “Oh yeah, apparently me and you are together, and we meet up at night to go make-out in my car.” He told me wiggling his eye brows. I laughed, thinking how everyone naturally assumes that if you’re friends with someone of the opposite sex, Asia Girl Com then you’re dating them. “Of course though I didn’t deny it.” Quick Author’s Note: “Yup, you see?” “Kayden, get out.” I said “Mom, he’s just a FRIEND.

” I said in a stern voice, I wonder if anyone’s mom is just like mine. When I finished changing, Asia Girl Com the clothes were brought and was in a bag. We even have someone holding all of my stuff. “Ok, that’s it for today.” Mrs. Cohen said, “Oh, yeah, Asia Girl Com the date is tomorrow, so wear something nice and don’t worry, Valerie, Sunny, Vicky and Beth is going to help you. Ok, bye darling.

” I dressed in a pair of dark blue skinny jeans and a silver off the shoulder top, which went just past my bum. I blow-dried my wet hair, taking my time. I straightened it perfectly and applied a little make-up. I don’t know what I will be doing today, apart from going to the mall by myself. I really wished that there was another mall in town, and I knew all of my so called friends would probably be there.

Jason’s voice popped into my mind and I jumped a little.

Ty1201- How? “I promise.” He said. They were so dead. Leslie stuck out her tongue at him then he whirled on her and she ran into the ‘staff room’ and he ran after her with a “MAHAHAHA”

Asia Girl Com