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Asia Girl HotThe lady next to him, I assume was one of the worker, was too busy staring at Jason, to probably understand him, she just mindlessly nodded. Jason, on the other hand, didn’t see that she was staring him at all. “Fine.” I said, getting up to go to the bathroom to change. Paint balling….


Cave…. Guys…. Art…. Kiss…. Art mad…. Me left…. Ran into something hard….. river…..

and then I woke up in here. I held my breath remembering everything that had happened and when I reopened my eyes everyone was staring at me. I met eyes with Art, and he was giving me a pleading look, and I immmiaditly looked away. “She does not have much chance of surviving.” The doctor said softly.

Queen Marie gasped and Durwald just stared at Cleopatra. The only girl that had been able to steal his heart was about to die. “Because it can taste salty and sweet, but I put in more sugar than salt.” he said. I rolled my eyes, crossing my arms. I smiled slightly, weakly. “I’m sure you’re right.

But while we’re outnumbered…I just can’t see the fate in my dreams being very far off from the truth.” I admitted softly.

“For your sake,” Kelsey said, getting to her feet just as the bell for third block rang, “I hope so. This better work, Lissa.” “Already packed. Just go out to the car with Jake. Now.” Her expression signaled that it was final.

I huffed at her, punched Jake hard the shoulder and stormed my way out of that stinkin’ room!! I slammed the door hard as I walked out. I pounded on the window of car where the driver was seated. He woke up with a start from his nap and unlocked the doors with raised eyebrows. Like I gave a crap what he thought of me, my life was already stupid the way it was! Instead, I put a hand on Cash’s shoulder and rolled him onto his back so that I was on top of him, straddling his waist.

I pushed my hands under his shirt, and Cash leaned up so that I could shove it over his head. We were both panting, but we just kept kissing.

I couldn’t stop touching him, couldn’t rip my hands or my mouth away from his ski, Asia Girl Hot. Like I was the north pole of a magnet and he was the south. It would have taken an effort to tug us apart.

A name whips out of nowhere, stunning me almost like another round of pai, Asia Girl Hot. Tears start to fall as the realization hits me. Mona. Mona is my name.

Asia Girl Hot