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Asia In DateSo many questions were running in my head right now. The first one was: If I’m his fiance, where’s my ring? I tried to laugh at my own joke but I still couldn’t. I’m only seventeen and turning eighteen soon in June. I CAN NOT get married just yet, can’t. There’s so many things in the world I still need to do. Like, like, eat more mango ice cream or go sky diving. Getting married is a big NO-No. Since when did my life became a cliche teen novel? Isn’t it, only arrange teen marriages happened in crazy girl’s stories? “Why am I hear squealing?

” said a voice from behind me I turn to see George’s grandpa grin Ding. The elevator stopped moving and opened the door. “Yes?” She asked innocently I will sing of steadfast love and justice; to you, O Lord, I will make music.

“Hey Tita, always remind Nikki to cut her nails, brush her teeth, wash her face and not burp! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

” called Nick to Nikki’s mom. I had my right hand up and I was twirling a pencil in it. While she was doing a problem, she didn’t notice that her sweatshirt sleeve slid off her tan shoulder.

I however, couldn’t stop staring at it… “ I heard you ditched your last two classes, and your brother has been freaking out because you haven’t been answering your phone for the past three hours,” Evian said sitting down next to me. I turned away from him one for the fact I was still mad at him, and two I was wearing a skirt… I gave him the silent treatment, so he also sat there in the silence. I didn’t know if he was looking at me, or the sky. “Listen Ty,” he said clearing his throat.

It went quiet again, as though he was waiting for me to say something. “ I-…” He stopped agai, Asia In Date.

“ Im sorry Ty,” He said very quietly. I closed my eyes, and tilted my head down looking at my knees. “None of your business,” I curtly say, looking away from him, “answer my question instead of asking your ow, Asia In Date.” But, in the back of the group, grinning up at me, was Cash. “I don’t want that.” It takes me a while to remember his face, my eyes crawling over every part of him. It is like wine for the eyes, so intoxicating and beautiful.

But eventually I cannot resist the lure of his smile, a smile I know he is wearing for some strange reason, and reluctantly lift my gaze. “Mona, I love you,” he spurts, perking up after a long stretch of silence. Chills race up and down my arm. Is there no way out of this nightmare? “I gonna try to find one, wait here!” James said, running out of the kitche, Asia In Date.

Asia In Date