Asian kitchenware Conversation


I walked forward and leaned down, picking up the small white box with a big red bow taped to it. With a shaking hand, I opened the box. It dropped out of my hands and I heard a shriek, which I’m guessing was me. In the box was a lock of my hair, tied up in one of my ribbons. I was furiously combing my hands through my hair, trying to find the lock that he cut. I found it at the nape of my neck; it must have been too short to fit in the braid.

© 2012, C. Joyce Cool, it should be there tomoz Time flied and I was getting fatter by the minute. We had been to a few ultrasounds and found out that we were having twins. Chris fainted.

I thought for sure he would leave me, but true to his word when he woke up he told me he was excited not worried and that I would be a great mother.

This guy had to be a load of it right?

Men weren’t nice. Not like this. He had put on this act so well though that I have been feeling myself fall further and further into love with him. I would never let him know it and I continuously reminded him that I didn’t want to sexual relationship with him. “Shh,”Xavier whispers in a low, husky voice. “Do you want the rest of them to hear you?”My eyes open, and I stare at him, thinking about nothing and everything at the same time. “Don’t…look at me like that,”he says softly, leaning in and kissing my brow bone. I had been packing since the night I got back from the hospital four weeks ago and between morning/all day sickness, dizziness and having a lack of sleep, Asiadating the last box was being tapped up now. My apartment looked bare excluding all the brown closed boxes. This had been my home for eight years.

Leaving here would be hard. I would leave my friends, leave Charlie, and ultimately leave my fear of falling harder in love with Chris. I couldn’t let myself be loved, I wasn’t only thinking about me now. My baby and myself could get hurt. I am so sick of getting hurt. “Really?” I ask, a little more eager than I should be. I have been dreading this ritual for days, unable to keep the nervousness from swallowing up all of my thoughts.

“Let’s do it, Asiadating the, Asiadating.” “Do you have a fourth period class?” Kayden asked, grabbing his backpack