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Asian American Women

I cast a quick glance at Xavier, which soon grows into a lengthy stare. I admire his muscles, which are bulging as he exerts them. His sparkling blue hair glistens as crystal droplets dance down each strand.

“Nobody you need to know.” The guy said “So, can I have your number?

” He asked me “Wow,” I say softly, surveying the vehicles with wonder. Xavier ignores me, walking to the front door with Ray on his back. A man in a suit opens the door for us, his black hair slicked to his forehead. “Well, guess not, that’s a shame, I wouldn’t have minded a little struggle.

Y’know, with all these woman throwing themselves at you might be the average man’s fantasy life, but… I just want a chase, you know?” I said, stroking her cheek with my hand to get my message straight that I found her attractive.

She moved away from me and then slouched in the chair. “Now this “ Wait Ty,” Evian muttered running behind me. Kayden came strolling out like he owned the place. Shirtless.

Good job Kayde, Asian American Women. Good job. Please note the sarcasm.

Then suddenly there is a hush, and the anger quells.

All eyes shift to one place. The rough fidgeting begins again, surprise morphing into fear. We spoke for a while about my summer, and he told me about work (although I didn’t really understand all of it). He even asked about Declan, or as he referred to him ‘That boy’. I smiled and told him Declan’s name. We spoke about him for a bit and I told him about how perfect he was, although I tried not to sound like a love-struck teenager. He got up eventually though as he had to go do something at work. I stood in the kitchen wondering where my mum was, probably out I guessed.

“You’re not allowed to eat dinner.

” I said calmly “Oi, you alive in there?” Will asked “You tired?

” But she is. He worked his jaw, unaware that his hold had tightened until the girl winced, fidgeting.

He loosened up, but kept a good hold.

Asian American Women