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Asian Beauties PicI stayed in the bleachers, nervously rapping my knuckles against the aluminum bench while the rest of the fans headed back to the parking lot and the teams shook hands on the field. Then the Hamilton players gathered at the bench, high-fiving and discussing the game with Coach Lukavics. When they’d finished, Asian Beauties Pic the boys all headed back toward the changing rooms. “Why do you say that?” I asked, shifting a little so we weren’t standing so close.

“FINE YOU BASTARD! Go to the car and we can go to the pet store.

Do you really want a damn dog?” I nodded my head, I been waiting for 15 years for a dog. I’m a dog person not a cat ma, Asian Beauties Pic. After an hour driving to the pound, 3 hours just plain deciding on a dog, and 2 hours doing all the paper work. I finally got a dog! “ARE YOU DAMN HAPPY NOW?!” My senses go out of control as the world constantly shifts in my eyes, a blur of insanity that I can’t possibly understand. It lasts for a second or two, Asian Beauties Pic then I just tightly close my eyes and hope this will be over soo, Asian Beauties Pic. I hope this madness will stop. “ C-Corey!

Please! I’ll do anything, just open the door!” I said hitting the window.

Everyone laughed. “Getting you. Everyone else is in the car.” We all nod “Really, Xavier? Really?

” “Are we there yet?” I asked. “Meredith and Blake took off earlier this morning.

Micheal and Brad are in the solarium.” Nick replied as he dug through the refrigerator before grabbing the pickle jar. “So, erm, I’m gunna go…get dressed.” I told him, making up an excuse to get a little alone time. I felt like burying my head into the ground.

Why did I kiss him, even if it was just on the cheek? Oh man, I’m an idiot…

Andy’s POV “I haven’t kissed you in agers” he said

Asian Beauties Pic