Asian Beautiful Eyes

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Asian Beautiful Eyes

Life has been so easy… without the domestic chores Ms. Penn used to stack upon me, all I have left to do is homework and socializing with the werewolves around me. However, living in a haven with hot guys has its bad points. I always feel like I have to look pretty and attractive around them, like I can’t wear sweatpants or oversized t-shirts.

Whenever I wear something revealing, though, I am immediately scavenged by their eyes. It can be rather uncomfortable. Are you ok? “It’s improper!

” I protested, still defiant, although my heart shook at that prospect. “Im sorry, I really should have. If it makes you feel any better we haven’t even kissed…

” Charlie smiled weakly.

He took it and poured one out. A pill with red liquid on one side. He shook it for a moment and studied it. “ Alright..

” Mr. Marx muttered turning back to the board. “Promise.” Peter put the umbrella behind us both, blocking the sunlight.

I smiled, a blast of cool, fresh air reaching me and dancing with random strands of my brown hair. Sidney appears in the hallway, walking as if she is about to faint. Cloudiness is in her eyes, and she almost stumbles down the walkway when she sees my face. However, she quickly turns from me and rights herself, heading to Ian as he waves her over. She transforms into the beauty queen she is right before our eyes, fluttering her eyelashes at Xavier as she starts to talk to him. And Xavier begins to truly talk back. I ran to them like the wind, soaking my jeans when I kneeled down to get them. I hugged them to my chest, standing up quickly, grabbing a towel.

“Ever I, Asian Beautiful Eyes the – not – so – good – at – cooking – person know that an omelet does not take that long to cook.” I said. “You can take me home now”. I said with as much force as I could. I walked out of the restaurant and went to his car. He followed me, putting a cigarette in his mouth, when he was outside.

I got in his car, slamming the door. I was pissed.

This guy is the biggest ass I have ever know, Asian Beautiful Eyes. How dare he treat a lady with disrespect?

I am going to get back at him somehow, just not sure how exactly. When I got home, I went straight to my room and started a hot bath. I stripped from my clothes and got in a steaming hot bubble bath. I sat their thinking about all the ways I could get back at him. Maybe, I should just pick him. I will ruin his entire life if I did. Hmm, but then I will have to put up will him all the time and that would be no fun for me.

Asian Beautiful Eyes