Asian Beautiful Girl


Asian Beautiful GirlShe smiles in retur, Asian Beautiful Girl. “Mona, if you don’t get it done by tomorrow at ten o’ clock, Asian Beautiful Girl then I won’t give you any breakfast or dinner for the next week.” I gasp, my breath caught in my throat. Turning towards the stairs, I run up them to my dorm, rushing to the room I like to call mine. Throwing myself onto the bed, I let them all loose, my tears now like a rushing river, my cheek throbbing with unbearable pai, Asian Beautiful Girl. “That makes sense, with Tuesday being yesterday.” He said laughing at me. Everyone laughed as I hid my face in Kayden’s chest.

I even heard him laugh.

“Hey, I’ll be happy both ways.” I said. “But I’ll be happier if you get your way.” I added, and laughed softly. He got what I meant and kissed me devouringly.

Then he impatiently took off my shirt and I was completely lost in his love. All I remember is that at some point he pulled a blanket over us because it was getting rather cold. “The only way I’ll go downstairs is if you come down with me.” He said walking over to her, grabbing hold of her hands as he helped her to her feet. “Does it really matter?” he’d asked. Well neither do I, but that is beside the point.

I truly didn’t know the answer to that questio, Asian Beautiful Girl. “Oh Eve,” he said, “you didn’t have a fight with Dex over that baby issue, did you?” My silence betrayed the answer, and he groaned. “Eve, I don’t really know Dex, but I do know him enough to safely say that he is a good ma, Asian Beautiful Girl. He regrets his earlier actions, definitely, because you are the only person in his heart.

He doesn’t care about that other girl. Only you. He’s probably told you that before.” He sighed to my stubbornness, “Just tell me Sea…” the car came to a crashing stop. The seatbelt was the only thing I spun around to see Declan in front of me, he put his lips on mind and kissed me gently, when we pulled apart I rested my head on his chest smiling.

Man I loved him. “Stell, don’t move. I got the bat!” Stell and I had a weird look at the weird, our weirdo mom, actually. “Sea?” No mom, I’m Santa Claus’s little Mexican help who looks like your daughter.

I sat their looking at the scree, Asian Beautiful Girl.

Football4life? I have no clue who that is. No one ever even instant messages me on yahoo unless it’s my brother and his idiotic friends.

The computer beeped, and I looked up at the scree, Asian Beautiful Girl.

“B. P.” I said.

Asian Beautiful Girl