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Asian Beauty PicSuddenly he whirled on me, I squealed and ran into the lounge room but didn’t get far, Will came up from behind and grabbed me at the waist and pushed me on the couch and fell on top of me and kissed me deeply I got lost for a while then he broke it for a breath “Alright then let’s go, we have a busy day ahead of us”. Margaret said. All four of us ladies walked out of the house and into the black limo. I noticed when we were leaving that the maids were getting the house ready for the ball. We pulled up to this really fancy beauty salon place. The driver got out and opened the door for us and we all got out and followed Margaret into the salo, Asian Beauty Pic. “ I’ll stay here actually,” I said and put my head back down and took a deep breath. “I know you did.” He squeezes me tight, though careful to avoid touching my ski, Asian Beauty Pic. The true impact of his words seems to hit me at this moment.

“Put the music back on guys, its still a party!

” He shouted and everyone laughed, resumine the party atmosphere.

Me, Ali and Jaz spoke for ages about what happened and all the tings Chloe had done. Maliki even approched me and appologised for Chloe, saying that was the last of her, which I think everyone was glad about. I was confused. Oh right seats!

I looked at my seat. Mine was 4a. So 4b must be the one next to me. ‘4b is next to me.’ I said before turning back and looking out the windows.

I can’t wait to see the sky. The best bit of going somewhere is getting there. And I’m going to enjoy this. “Father, I cannot make a decisio, Asian Beauty Pic.

I don’t know either of these guys well enough, so it has put me in a stump and I can’t choose between them”. I said looking down at my plate.

“Both, it seems.

But I’m pretty sure I need judgement more than anyone else in this world and the next. We’ve all played into Fate’s hands, but our own wills and desires dictate our own identities, and no one can rob us of that if you save us. I’m probably supposed to fight you right now, but I don’t wish to live in such a stagnant world, chained to a role where I have to watch countless souls die to the outside world. I almost forgot about it, though, when I was with you. Thank you, Mona and Xavier, for giving me the opportunity to have a life worth living.

” Ray grins widely, his expression tinged with hopeless insanity.

“Please don’t hate me too much. I really like you guys, you know. In fact, I’ll take care of these guys for you.”

Asian Beauty Pic