Asian Beauty Vs Western Beauty

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Asian Beauty Vs Western BeautyBut can you feel this magic in the air? “Leave,” my voice now oozes with command, “and don’t come back here to clean agai, Asian Beauty Vs Western Beauty.” She shuffles outside, closing the door behind her. My head flops onto the pillow, swirling with new ideas and thoughts. First werewolves, Asian Beauty Vs Western Beauty then Shifters, and now phoenaes?! How many other creatures are out there that I don’t know about?

Obviously Xavier was lying to me when he said there were no other supernatural species out there. “And by the way, I QUIT YOUR STUPID CLASS!” I said and stomped out of the room. Great, I’m probably going to be in trouble and I got a slap, a poke and a bruise on my knee already.

I’m surprised why I didn’t quit earlier. “ yeah he quite…

okay so you know him… well he is a friend of the family…

and um yeah he practically lives here like the other six idiots…” I stopped. There was a lump on my throat, “Of-Of course…

not.” “No, but I will be.” I told him honestly.

I moved over in the bed and pulled Cole so that he was laying next to me on his back. I could tell by his face he was shocked with what I was doing, and didn’t know what was happening. I smiled and pulled the covers up as I laid my head on his chest. Grabbing her nurse’s hand, she started to utter the notes to a nursery rhyme.

“Ring around the rosy, pocketful of posy, ashes, ashes, we all fall DOWN!” she laughed, tugging the nurse into a pile of lilies while she dropped into a bunch of unused dirt. “Yay!” she exclaimed, her yell just as pretty as her singing. At the tender age of three, she was already getting voice lessons from her nurse, for she had tons of raw talent. Every note she uttered was like pure gold dropping from her tongue, Asian Beauty Vs Western Beauty the pitch absolutely perfect.

She was also very good at piano, practicing it ofte, Asian Beauty Vs Western Beauty. He came back out with a clear bottle that has black liquid in it. “You were all I could think about when I was sleeping on the forest floor or making beds or doing whatever other chore I did as a maid. I got annoyed at myself more than once because I just couldn’t keep my mind off you.” I bit my bottom lip and then said: “I think I’ve fallen in love with you too.” Before I knew it his lips had captured mine again and I knew that my skin would never stop responding to his touch.

Asian Beauty Vs Western Beauty