Asian Beauty

Old Hard anodized cookware Lover

Asian BeautyI’m so scared right now. I think I might have a heart attack from all this stress. ‘I don’t know. You tell me. You haven’t said much about yourself.

‘ I said. “Good, so then I can do this…” he walked straight up to me and planted his lips against mine, kissing my softly, tracing his tongue across my bottom lip asking for entrance. When I granted him access, his tongue softly slipped into my mouth, massaging my tongue with his for a minute before pulling back. He grinned.

“I deal with it every day,” I sigh as I bring the tray to the cashier. Robotically, I punch in my pin number and pay for the food. Every month, Asian Beauty the orphanage gives me twenty dollars for my cafeteria account.

Lunch, however, is one dollar, leaving me to go without lunch for a couple of days. I notice that some of the pain went away. I smiled.

“My mom and dad said none of us can miss school this semester.” Dallas said ‘You know that this leaflet is a year ago.’ He said. I frowned. Who cares?

“Don’t get too upset. It’s not the love that slaps a ring on your finger and calls you Mrs. Havens.

” He said. Guiding her eyes down her body, she noticed that she’d thrown on Leo’s button up white dress shirt. ‘Hmm, when was he wearing this? Oh well,’ she thought silently.

I woke up feeling refreshed, and still a little guilty.

What the hell? I didn’t do anything wrong, I told my brai, Asian Beauty. I shook my head and just laid there for a few moments. I smiled as I thought how sweet Ivan was. After I told him yes, he smiled and lifted me off the ground, spinning me around.

I laughed and wrapped my arms around his neck so I wouldn’t fall. I grabbed Bianca’s arm and pulled her away. I pulled her to the store Debs and we looked through the dresses.

I found a turquoise over the shoulder dress that stopped about mid-thigh.

I grabbed my size and went to try it o, Asian Beauty. I put it on and opened the door to show Bianca.

“The first of the two is…” he squinted at the small card. Anxiety rippled through the audience, affecting us the most. I stared at my stilettos, trying to think of anything BUT Dex. Dex was a forbidden territory, an off-limits guy. Not to mention a playboy. He’s broken so many actresses’ hearts that he’s been sued seven times.

Why did I even feel the tiniest of sparks in my heart for him? Why couldn’t I forget this hot rockstar bad boy? “She is almost exactly like she was before I saved her in the forest,” Xavier’s voice echoes, “even though she remembers most of the events that happened afterwards.

Asian Beauty