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Asian BridesIt was awkward after last night. The few weeks after was just me avoiding Matt and Matt trying to talk to me. Whenever he did try to talk to me, I would just run to Finn which would make Matt not willing to talk. Avoiding Matt made me spend more time with Finn which was perfect. With his arm around me we walked towards the palace. I lay my head on his shoulder and he kissed the top of my head and then smelt my hair. I looked up at him. Chapter 14 “Yes Cam?” I asked “Yeah, me and Declan are young…

I’m not quite sure about you!” I said laughing, and the two of them joined in with me. Marissa pushed me on my arm for insulting her, but at least she was laughing about it. “I love French toast!” We were so close that our noses touched for a second. “I’m sorry you feel that way,” he backed me against the wall and put his hands up to either side of me. @Regin_Chase the one who made it happen He sighed.

“Okay. I’ll lock you in my room.” I would barely see Alexis. If I told her I got accepted to Houston State. She’d make me go. She looked at me, smiled and she asked “How did you know that I was looking for a dress?

” He raised an eyebrow and nodded. “Huh.” Was all he said. “Well I should be going. It was nice meeting you.” He said. Sara can you come in at 4.00pm I won’t be here to let you in but Will, will be ok catch you later Alex’s POV “It will,” I assured her. “I know it will.” They all get up in agreement, I turn to see Alex you was the first of many to cry first and he is smiling through his tears and I smile at him and he leaves with the crowd “Yeah I know but you see I thought she looked beautiful up there but not as beautiful as you did” he said and gave me a slow and deep kiss “Details, details.

We will get to them later.” Yi yawns, and then pulls out a slender key. “I got this from the red-head that just left.” Just then Leslie walks in the door and sees us all surrounding a piece of paper “Um…did I miss something” she asked and we all turn to her “You will?” I couldn’t believe how Nathan would be able to do that. “You’re willing to sacrifice people’s lives?” I was completely against war and I knew for sure that I would never start or take part in one. I thought Nathan felt the same way! He didn’t answer my question and I knew I was about to get annoyed.

“Yeah, Asian Brides there a great bunch. You’ll get along well with the girls which is good because then you’ll have more people to talk to at the party.” He said smiling slyly.

“No one.”

Asian Brides