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Asian Cupid DatingA stupid, obnoxious plan forms in my head, and I immediately act upon it. “ The question is, how long did YOU know about the bet?” I asked raising an eyebrow. He looked away rubbing the back of his neck. I stepped away from him appalled.

“ Art! Where you in the bet!” I almost screamed.

“Dam, Asian Cupid Dating. You’re good.” I glared He tensed. “I might have said something like that.” “Sea, what the hell are you doing here!” Dylan shouted his words full of venom, yup, I’m dead. Our “bonding”, I suppose. I can only hope it leads to something good. “EXCUSE ME?!” I yelled at him, “I did-?” “He has no right to call dibs though,” I gazed off into the clear blue sky. Blair flew back and landed a couple of feet away. Growling, she stood and stalked towards Linsay who still had a smirk on her face, “You messed with the wrong wolf.” Blair growled at her before lifting her hand, palm out and a fireball burst out of her hand. Hitting Linsay square in the chest making her fall to the ground.

“Y-yeah.” Tony stuttered “I’m a grown woman, Daniel! And I’ll date whoever I want! Why all the protectiveness all of the sudden?” I asked.

“Trying to sleep” “No, it’s fine, but you have got to stop sneaking up on me,” I said through clenched teeth. “God, that hurt.” I’m on the couch For at least forty-three seconds. “ Nowhere special,” I shrugged.

Dex just looked at Peter, emotionless, although I could tell he had froze once again, his knuckles turning white.

I looked to the TV, my heart rate stopping completely as I looked at the terrible words.

And looked at them agai, Asian Cupid Dating. And agai, Asian Cupid Dating. I sighed.

There were a couple in the photo too. They were the couple i saw with Finn in the aeroplane. I smiled. “Why don’t you decorate?

” I asked, dropping my purse onto the floor and sitting down on the bed. I crossed my legs, my heart pounding as I gave Cash a nice view of my upper thigh. I gulped as shivers went down my spine, and I mentally scolded myself. I should have known better than to let him inside.

I was completely alone with an absolutely gorgeous man who was well acquainted in the art of seductio, Asian Cupid Dating. If I thought I could get through tonight unscathed, Asian Cupid Dating then I had some ocean front property in Arizona to sell myself.

“I told you that we don’t want to talk to you agai, Asian Cupid Dating.” Cole said with a voice full of anger that even made me flinch.

Asian Cupid Dating