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Asian CuteI nodded quickly, a thin, meager smile brightening my face. When I was younger, collecting the mail was my favorite thing to do. I still remembered the amazing emotions searing through me as I walked for the first time, by myself, to the mailbox. It was mostly pure elation, responsibility as I grabbed the envelopes and trooped inside. hear the chaos upstairs, where the others waited. I was just trying to figure out the sleeping arrangements—there was no way they were all staying in my bedroom—when I heard Kelsey’s voice behind me. “Liar” I said while jabbing him in the ribs so he’ll move across “There is no pizza in there” “Look who’s talkin’ now!” “Yes. My entire body tells me to be with you…but my mind tells me that it’s too dangerous.

I guess I should just shut my mind off and listen to my heart, huh?” I muttered, pulling my eyes from his and looking at my hands instead.

“Look at you,” I tease, “striving to be the perfect gentlema, Asian Cute.” I get swept into laughter, temporarily forgetting myself.

“Crap! that sucks, now I’m going to stick out like a crack in a sidewalk” with that he laughed which is one amazing laugh When I walked out of the room, I made sure to move my hips in a sexy sort of sway, causing my skirt to swish around my thighs in just the right way to show more leg, but not too much more. I hoped Cash was watching me leave.

I didn’t look back to check.

“I didn’t say yes yet!” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ There was a pause.

Everyone was suspended in silence, waiting for my words. This was the big questio, Asian Cute.

Mary giggled at me. “You sound like an army commander.” I let out my breath and laughed, and so did she. This was why I loved Chloe. Sadie nodded, her actions confirming her mother’s guess.

Lou smiled, her voice flowing like molasses through her dry lips. “You will be just fine. There is a happy future ahead of you,”

Asian Cute