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Asian Date FinderThe next morning I woke up to an empty bed. I streched and got up. I walked to Vincent’s door and opened it. I walked out and shut it after me. I turned around and bumped into someone. “ Say, that I am so much smarter, cooler, and better looking than you, and I’ll get up,” He said sounding pleased.

I let out a sigh. A Shifter.

“He said I should be good for a while yet, his just really upset at the fact they can’t operate”.

I snorted a sarcastic laugh. “In all my years, I’d never been this jealous.

I wanted to rip Blake’s hands off when he mentioned the date.” I told her truthfully. “I thought you were dead. She told me herself.” Meredith said as tears gathered and she ran to him pulling him into a tight hug. ”morni, Asian Date Finder.

”with that i got up from the bed and headed to the bathroom. I took a shower and brush my teeth.

I had a towel on me. I walk out of the bathroom expecting alex to not be there when she has not even left yet. “Now show me how you cut a tomato” He didn’t reply. “Get in”. He said rudely. I hopped in the car, not believing he didn’t open my door for me. “Ouch! That hurts.

” I winced.

“I came to see my girlfriend.” He said pulling me close I try to please her. My looks are probably the most she could ask for. I have a mansion, and she never has to do any domestic chores. The only thing she seems to be bothered with is the fact that I am different.

The fact that my whole world is… was different from hers. (A/N: LOOL, awww their reactions were cuteee.

Anyways next chapter will be out soon Dylan pause on his steps, “What. Did. You. Just. Say?” Sadie, my twin, was not as obsessed as I was. “You too.” She said fakely “Hey Lukey!

” Luke instantly made a face at my nickname for him. His arms were crossed, acting like a little brat. I blushed and I could feel joy spread through me.

Asian Date Finder