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Asian DateWhen the bell finally rings, and we finally file out of the classroom, a throng of amazed people, most from other classes, surrounds him. I roll my eyes as he is immediately buried by his new fan club, girls and boys alike. Xavier catches my glance before he is swallowed by his admirers, mouthing, “I’ll be back soo, Asian Date. Wait for me!” “Ugh I’m so tired!” Taylor flopped on her bed, her face buried in a pillow.

Dragging herself to the bathroom, she stripped and took a shower.

Taylor toweled herself dry and changed into new clothes. Picking her bag off the ground, she grabbed her books and started her homework.

“Lightning,” I murmur breathlessly. Instantly a bright light floods our vision for less than a millisecond, as if to echo my observatio, Asian Date. The water is up to our waists, and rising higher.

It feels like I am in a swimming pool, with the walls so high that I cannot escape it. And this storm is only going to get worse.

“I won that for our football team. You have to win the silver before you go to the Football National Finale.

And I also won the golden one. We won last years’ finale. And I am going for football agai, Asian Date.” he said, looking at the trophy, grinning.


Stop!” I panted Logan and Jenna were gone already, but Dad was waiting for me by the bottom step, his hand resting on the banister. “We should talk about this,” he said. “Come o, Asian Date. I’ll make you a sandwich.

” “Xavier,”I look up, staring into his glowing eyes, “we are…surrounded.”I watch as his eyes widen, distracted by the beauty of his pupils.

“Douche.” I muttered I sighed as it became apparent that he wasn’t going to get out of the car, he was either wondering if it were really me or he was afraid he’d scare me away if he got out. I walked the short distance to his car and knocked on the window. It took a second, but it finally, slowly rolled dow, Asian Date. “Ah…h-hi Da, Asian Date.” I said, leaning into the window.

Asian Date