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Asian Dating CupidThe next morning, eleven of Hamilton High’s female students received an e-mail instructing them to meet in the library during their lunch period. Nine of the girls were dating football players. One had slept with most of the team. And the eleventh girl, a junior named Ellen Brennan, was the longtime girlfriend of the captain of the soccer team… and she was also my ex–best friend. damm desperate much. ‘Finn, I’ll be fine. Its just a few footballs.

Don’t worry.’ I gave him a smile.

I got a bag I made my way to the forest. I looked back. Everyone was getting ready for their game. I saw Matt looking at me. ‘Sorry, Its opening day as I said and I will have to get up early so that we could prepare everything.

‘ He said. “Look sweetheart, he’s right.

They would have taken you away and killed you if your father hadn’t left. Please understand sweetie?” Her mother begged her with her eyes. Little did I know Eve felt the same way. None, I decided. Because the strike started tonight.

Officially. We ordered our McDonald’s and sat in the car park eating it while laughing about random things. I was so comfortable around Declan and I could tell that he was with me. We ate and drank ourMcDonald’s, chatting there for hours.

Luckily all the paint on our clothes had dried so it hadn’t soaked into Declans suede car seats. There was a small group of people hanging around on the skate park opposite where we were parked, I sat watching them doing tricks on their skateboard, trying to impress a few girls who were sat around a table talking. “Dare.” “Simple.

” He shot her a wry look, but otherwise, ignore that as well. “Watching you write a love letter,” I stated plainly. I blushed at his compliment, Akemi visibly seething. I could tell she liked Jared, with the way she looked at him constantly.

Jared was a flirt, though, and Akemi shouldn’t have worried. Although I wasn’t sure that he liked Akemi, I could tell he was just flirting with me lightly.

He was one of those infuriating people that gets you to fall for him even though he cheats on you and hits on every girl he sees. ”you want some ice cream?”he said with a smile to try and cheer me up. “Change?

”Subconsciously I back up against the stone wall, my expression of alarm. “Here?”There is no secluded section of this little alcove, with not much between the inward walls and the pouring rai, Asian Dating Cupid.

Asian Dating Cupid