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Asian Dating Facebook

Beth was floating. Except when she awoke, her body was cold and numb. She was buzzed, completely sated as she stretched her achy limbs, not even a bit groggy.

Then she remembered what had occurred hours before.

“I was enjoying that,” I slurred, fighting to keep my balance as I turned to face him. “So why didn’t you tell me?” Chloe asked, perching on the edge of my bed as I folded a fresh load of laundry and put the clothes into my drawers. I don’t know how Randy managed to disentangle himself from The Blonde so quickly, but suddenly he was there behind me, grabbing my arm and turning me to face him. He smiled at me as he approached “I’m glad to see you up and around. But we need to get you home. Come on, your closet has been stocked with clothes your Aunt bought.

Your room is all ready, and everyone is eager to meet you.” He said as he walked me out to his car. Pivoting slowly, his lips involuntarily twisted into a disgusted smile. Alocer was beautiful, even scarred.

Lucius didn’t swing that way, but you’d have to be blind not to see it. “Here.” I turned around to face him, “It looks beautiful on you.” “Hey!” I can hear loud shouting in the distance, and immediately I start to run towards them. Xavier looks at me as he starts running as well, and I can see his concerned face in the corner of my eye. But I disregard it, speeding as fast as I possibly can towards the others. They are all stopped in a strange semicircle, piquing my curiosity in the worst of ways. I was pulled from my thoughts as the tips of his fingers ran up my thigh, to my hips, to the curve of my side all the way up to my bare shoulder. My skin blazed where his fingers touched, and tingled when they left. He trailed his fingers up my neck, and when he reached my cheek, he cupped it very gently with his hand, his blazing eyes never leaving mine. His other hand lifted slowly, as if thinking that if he moved too fast he’d scare me away, and slipped into my hair. I felt as if my entire body was being burned alive…

but it felt good. His hand in my hair tightened into a fist and he pulled me into him, in one swift movement I was against him, my lips being hungrily devoured by his. Not caring how I was – or wasn’t – dressed anymore, I pressed myself closer to him and returned his kiss with a moan of pleasure. His hand that once held my cheek now trailed down my body, landing on the small of my bare back and pressing me closer to him.

Asian Dating Facebook