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Asian Dating Sites FreeA/N: Awww its over 🙁 But it was a great book don’t you think? Sorry if the prom chapter was not exactly perfect.

I have never been to prom before seeing as im only 15 so I don’t have any experience writing a chapter like that. Ooh and I want to thank all my readers out there who hearted and commented on the book. I Love You Guys So much!!!!! 3 I wouldn’t have continued this book if you guys hadn’t supported me 🙂 Also if you loved this book, why not check out my latest one called “I Hate You!” Thanks and bye bye till we meet again 😀 3 #AlissaMason 4eva “Where you heading?” Asked a dark husky voice.

I looked to my left to see Cole leaning casually against the door frame…

in only a towel. I quickly snapped my eyes back to the twins, and prayed to God that I wasn’t blushing. I slid out of the chair, following him to a secluded part of the room, between two rows of desks.

I could feel the burning stares of Akemi and Ayako, and the appraising glances of the others.

Somehow, I was not bothered by their gazes, Asian Dating Sites Free the previous insecurity receding.

Everyone else seemed to just fade away, Asian Dating Sites Free their forms blurring, my senses only alerted to Dex. I could feel the extreme softness of his sweater as I touched his arm, smell the alluring cologne, hear the multitude of musical notes come together to create Dex’s enchanting voice.

After the long and exhausting tryouts, Asian Dating Sites Free the gears in Taylor’s head began to spin with ideas on how to get Josh back with Natasha. She grabbed Natasha’s hand and dragged her out of the locker rooms.

Matt and Leo stood in the parking lot waiting for the girls. He took out his key and inserted it into the key hole. Seconds later the door opened up to reveal all the guys and Claire and Aria. “Whoa what I miss.” I asked.

Claire and Aria were in the middle of making out with their guys. “Get a room you two.” I yelled then laughed.

They smiled and then Nathan pulled me up to his room and locked the door behind us.

Asian Dating Sites Free