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Asian FemaleLucius didn’t know the entire story; all he knew was the once tightly-bound relationship between the blood-brothers was shattered into an ever-going animosity. Alocer did not so much as speak Nick’s name. “Mike! Mike? Mi..” I watched as his hand flew towards my face. The pain as he struck my cheek was unbareable. I started to fall to the floor.

I gasped from the pain in my head. It felt worst every second that pass. I was breathing quickly.

Naturally when he asked that I yarned, so I just nodded “Xavier, we are going to have to park the car soon or Mona will vomit all over the seats.” Ray turns his head back to the front, leaning forward in his seat. “I don’t know where…

but we need to find a safe place to either get some meds for her or to ditch the car completely.

” “Why do you guys always want me to kiss people?” I asked I sat, my head leaning back against the back of our cushy sofa, waiting for Dex’s arrival. The fireplace, steamy and warm, coughed up heat, which tickled my toes delightfully.

The carpet, stained with juice, soda, and who-knows-what-else, seemed to smile up at me, familiarity oozing between us, Asian Female the old and cracked walls, with a plethora of stick figures decorating it, just as much so. My breath resembled cigarette smoke, my upper body not nearly as warm as my feet. The furniture, comfy but unstylish, suited this grandmotherly type room, with a wooden rocking chair and table that was more suited to be out west than here near Hoover, Alabama.

got a grip on him. His mistake was running into the TV. “Cool” “Why should I?!” I screamed, “I CARE about you!” “Yeah, I’m new here, and I just needed to pick up my schedule,” Taylor stated. Then, suddenly, without warning, one of the birds sped in one direction, Asian Female the other bird flying the opposite way. I put my firm hands, now soaked with sweat, on the shiny glass as I helplessly watched them walk away from each other, never to meet agai, Asian Female. “So it’s nasty.

” “No!” Kayden yelled back I turned towards the window and pulled the window up, looking down at New York from here. I smiled.

I was beautiful up here. I wish I could take some picture because of the view. I stared at a little longer, while I felt a pair of eyes on my back. “Jennifer McCoy?” I asked.

Just then, a set of blinding headlights pulled into my driveway, and I heard car doors slamming.

Asian Female