Asian Friends


Asian Friends

I have to admit, Ray is right. The veins on the leaves are a deep gray, as if the very essence of this world is contained within them. Fingering the leaves with my hand, I wince as a sharp edge slices into my ski, Asian Friends. “What the crap?”I mutter as bright red pulsates from my brand new injury on my thumb. It throbs, leading me to believe that this is not the everyday paper cut. If I squinted hard enough, I could briefly make out reddish hair, framing a paralyzed face, with a pair of green eyes set into them. He… when I did this… looked like him. Xavier immediately gets up, a spark in his eyes and despair in his features.

With a sudden urgency, he races to my side, remote forgotte, Asian Friends. Message to Declan: He waved his hand in front of my face, and shook his head. “Doc, you’re stoned.

Like, seriously stoned.

I don’t think the party life suits you. I’m taking you home.” ”who ever falls in love first with the other looses.” “That was way longer than two minutes!

” J. T. yelled “Yes, but we probably need to seek cover. This rain is not going to let up any time soo, Asian Friends.” “You should see her play hide-and-seek,” Ellen joked. Yeah, you heard right.

MY bathroom. This family was rich. My dad was a doctor at the biggest hospital in town, while my mother was a designer who had designed dresses for most of the hottest singers out there like; Selena, Nicky, etc. They both made a lot of money, and me being their kid got some of it too. “Well buddy?”I ask, sensing a burning gaze drilling into my back. Subconsciously I shiver.

“Still young to me, little girl.” This dude…”So, why did you call? I mean, I love your company because school’s a dull.” I got up with Neil and we went downstairs to eat breakfast.

I forgot that my shirt wasn’t on exactly like it is supposed to be. My left arm is under the shirt because; Margaret went to bed before she could un-cuff us to dress correctly. Neil had his shirt off, which his shirt was hanging on our wrist and laying in between us. My shirt that I was wearing the day before was hanging down to. I really did not like this at all. Once we got to the dining room, Asian Friends the rest of the family was sitting there eating. Shane and Evelyn started laughing.

“Cleo, you don’t always have to pretend to be so independent.

I cannot live without you so let’s just call it selfishness that I want to defend you.” “Ali!” I gasped, arching my back into his caress.

Asian Friends