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Asian Girl For DatingTwo seconds. “You aren’t getting Mona back,” Jake shrugs, lounging in another corner of the cell. “You know that. Just give up.” He looks more worn out than the rest of us, with bags underneath his eyes and a dreary glare.

He has also been the one most active in trying to think up a plan with me. I know he is pretty fond of Mona and loathes losing her like I do, but seems like he has finally faced the awful facts. I sniffed and wiped my eyes. “Can you just…go back into the house? I’m going to drive around for a while.

” I said softly. “ Im serious Clay! I feel like im taking away your teen years. ” Am I dreaming?

“What’s the Star Game?” I asked. I punch him in the arm, unable to control my mortificatio, Asian Girl For Dating.

He laughs and grabs my hand, holding it in a deathly grip from which I cannot escape. I can feel myself turning into a tomato.

I smiled and chucked her on the chin playfully. “Yeah, I decided a change might be good.” I joked. (A/N: That was part one, part two will probably be out a day after tomorrow, oh and since your still here why not check out my new book called “I Hate you!” Pretty please with a cherry on top? Thanks 🙂 “Well, we need to get ready.

It is Sunday and we need to go to church.

So, let’s get up and go eat breakfast and then get ready for the day. We leave in a couple hours”. “Morning.” “Get ready.

” I ordered Elena looked sheepish, “Well, someone named Meredith told me too.” She said just as said person walked in and nonchalantly gave Elena a kiss on the cheek. “Great.

I want you guys to know all of the move. You guys will be dancing in the spotlight like a happy couple.” “Probably. Also if I didn’t have a boyfriend.

” When the first scream rips through the night, Mona writhing on the green grass, I jump up from my hiding place, anger forgotte, Asian Girl For Dating. “Mona!” I yell, racing over to her. I almost trip over the rocks and stones, introducing a quality most unlike me. I am never clumsy. “But I’m the worst joke teller in this universe.

” “Not really,” he says softly, looking at the floor as he emits these next words, “a werewolf has no beginning and no end. We are born out of death, and death we shall remai, Asian Girl For Dating.” I studied him for a moment; since I have never seemed him sleep before.

Asian Girl For Dating