Asian Girl Pretty

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Asian Girl Pretty

Part Thirteen: Mine. “Okay you guys can stop.” Kayden said huskily “She won’t take you away from me, I promise you, she won’t. If I have to lock you in the basement I swear I will!” He shouted. “Go home,” he growls at me, and I literally jump back. I am not fond of this side of him… it is as if Xavier morphs into someone I do not know at times like this. Quickly I race out the door and into the hallway, bringing the door to a gentle halt behind me. The last glimpse I snag of them is when they are inches apart, Xavier demanding something from Ian with surprising force. What is he planning? Why did their discovery of my quick healing change his attitude so much? I heard the whole room gasp but ignored them. “I’m sorry!

I-I didn’t know what I was saying!” He said. “ Nuh-huh,” I said stepping away from him. He gave me a pouting face and I rolled my eyes and set off to go find Evia, Asian Girl Pretty.

Everyone… and I mean everyone was staring at me. Did I feel weird? YUP! I walked towards the field, and saw two people sitting on the bleachers, and I made my way over to them and saw Evian and his… Girlfriend maybe….

For the nomadic novelists: Michelle, Kirsten, Leila, Kate, Lee, Kaitlin, Amanda, Emilia, Kristin Jr., and Kristin Sr. So many words I could put here, but the Beatles said it best. “I get by with a little help from my friends.” Thanks for keeping me sane. he muttered, and gave me back control.

I sighed in relief, Asian Girl Pretty then I noticed that Alex was still glued to me. Her hands came up to my face, and kissed me. I kissed her back and licked her bottom lip, demanding enterance. She didn’t give in at first, teasing me. I growled-playfully-and she gasped at the sound. “We?” I repeated.

My hands balled into fists at my sides.

“Randy, two days ago you promised me you weren’t going to get involved with that stuff.” “Correct?” I asked, eager.

There was a part of me that said I did it right. “I’m not asking you. I’m telling you.” She also forgets the fake laughter and peppy smiles, rising to meet my challenge.

“Just stay away.” Authors note; “Thank you, Clara.” Dallas and I smiled before digging in

Asian Girl Pretty