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Asian Girl White

Now he really was screwed. He couldn’t hate her. He gritted his teeth. “Youngest daughter of Nicholas, second leader, allow me to introduce myself, I am –.” She stepped forward a bit, raising her chi, Asian Girl White. I looked at him sharply. He held up his hand to show that he surrendered.

When he did, I pulled my hand out of his and unbuckled my seat belt, getting out of the car. I slowly limped to the front door and opened it, immediately getting tackled by Aaro, Asian Girl White. “Nathan we need to talk.” We were now on the last step and almost to his room. “Okay about what?” He asked. “Uhm Z-Zach k-k-k-kissed me. I’m sorry.

” I turned around and the waterworks started. He smiled and wrapped me in a big hug “It’s okay. Don’t cry. But i’m going to have to punch him cause he touched my girl.” I smiled and then we walked to his room. When we got in, he locked the door behind him, I turned around and he lightly pushed me onto the bed. I fell down and then he climbed on top of me and kissed me. It was a passionate kiss. I moaned and I could tell her was getting turned o, Asian Girl White. Then I snaked my arms up to his neck and wrapped them around while he slid his hands up and down my body. I sigh as Wes waves at me, knowing exactly what will come next. “ Why can’t I wear a uniform like that then?” I asked. “Next?” she called, having just tortured the girl with shockingly pink hair. I stepped up onto the stage, staring at the sea of faces before me. The lady smiled, and that seemed to scare me more than her frow, Asian Girl White.

“What will you be singing?

” Well, I suppose it’s worth it anyway, I think to myself. At least I get to save someone out of my stupidity.

And really, that’s probably what I would have done anyway if I had thought of this plan earlier. My presence with Xavier would have endangered him more than if I leave him alone. Disheartening as it is, it is still cold, hard reality.

I had told him off, expressed my anger, like I had dreamed about, for him ruining my life. Well, kind of. I was stunned that I actually did it, thinking I didn’t have the guts. I guess that comment about the kissing thing really bugged me. But anyways, I had finally done what I had always wanted to do. “I believe you, but you have got to realize that it is going to take me time to get over the vow I made the day she did that to me. That is the main reason why I am keeping a distance away from you Olivia”. Wow, he made a vow, I am so confused, what vow did he make?

Asian Girl White