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I bit my lip, taking the book and putting it on the shelf, making sure the spine was even with those around it. “I-I mean… Why are you working today? Don’t you have soccer practice or something?” “You called my girlfriend hot!” Kayden yelled “Look, don’t get angry at me. I’m only the messenger,” he cautions, taking a step back from the bars as my face grows red. “It’s Mona. It’s all because of her. You can blame her for all the problems you get into from now o, Asian Girls Looking For Men.” I sighed and grabbed one end of the cart. “Why is she working here if she doesn’t know how to cook properly, no offence?

” he said, that last bit was directed at me “ Hunny, its totally my business,” and he tried to kiss me again, but I turned my head away. I slowly walked as I feel Jason’s hand on my back guiding me. “Most of them woke up late. The others are going to wait for them.” He said I forced myself to relax, to loosen up a little, as I walked into the kitchen and sat down at the table next to Randy. There was no need to be on edge right now. Not with my family. Not with Randy.

“I don’t advise staying here to find out,” He replies, edging towards the outskirts. “The scent is much stronger than it was a few minutes ago.” “I’m not a noble. And I am Mona! I don’t want you to call me by any other name! And stop apologizing!

” I hate to see such a handsome guy kneel before me in such a manner.

I don’t deserve this measure of respect. “What. Did. You. Say?!” I brushed past several people, not at all distracted by the splendor surrounding me, eager to reach the heart of the commotion, Asian Girls Looking For Men the head of the monster that imprisoned me with its manipulative contracts and conditions. I knew the way by heart, having walked down it several times before.

“I’m surprised no one else has,” he snorts as he surveys the food before him, “this is gross.” My smirked grew just by hearing Vanessa admire what she thinks is perfect about me. I knew that when she isn’t drunk, she would never say all of this. “Th-there was nothing they could do.” I lifted the corners of my mouth attempting a smile.

“Yeah, 15 more laps.” She said “ C-Clay can’t breathe!” I cried. He let go a little and looked at me. I’m not sure when I even woke up, but it seems as if someone just flipped the switch and freed me from whatever state I was i, Asian Girls Looking For Men. Because the last thing I remember is falling into a chasm of death and now I’m sitting in a patch of grass, staring at the awfully blue sky.

Asian Girls Looking For Men