Asian Hookup

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Asian Hookup

After another surprisingly exciting day of school comes to a close, Xavier almost immediately sweeps me into his arms. “Not with people watching!” I swat at him, and he ashamedly puts his arms dow, Asian Hookup. However, his excitement cannot be quelled, and he grabs my arm. With astounding force that he really doesn’t need to use, he pulls me into the forest surrounding the school, near the same place where I almost fell to my death. “Where are we going?” I ask as he once again cradles me in his strong arms. I inhale his scent, reveling in the warmth he offers.

“She reacted just like you. It must be a woman thing, to feel too much compassio, Asian Hookup.

Raina took one look at the man possessed, and said she couldn’t let me kill him. She said he was a person, and that would make me a murderer.” Yi is expressionless now, his words lacking emotio, Asian Hookup.

I felt the bed go down with his weight. I turned to look at him. “Yeah. Ridiculous prices.” Will laughs then grabs my waist “Mine” he said to Simo, Asian Hookup.

“Sounds good. I’ll be back” I said as I trudged back down stairs and off to my room. Xavier looks to his wristwatch.

“7:40,” he says, and I sigh in relief.

For a minute, I thought we had lost track of time. “I can get us there in two minutes,” he says plainly, “with a shortcut.

” James laughed. He leaned in closing the space between our lips. My stomach twisted when he moved his lips against my lips. The sparks flew off of his lips and onto my lips. My breath was hicked in the middle of my throat when he held the back of my neck to bring our body closer.

And at that we all drove to the hospital in silence till George suddenly asked “What have I missed since I’ve been in hibernation?

” “Scotty…

uh, Griffi, Asian Hookup… don’t you think this is a little fast?” I ask him, a little scared by his expression and behavior.

He just looks at me, clueless. Chris POV I can only wonder what Xavier’s real reaction would be if he was here. And I also can’t help but ask myself why I care so much. “What was that paper about?

” I asked, looking down at her bag.

Asian Hookup