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I was an idiot to keep getting my hopes up. ‘Wow, that is some really nasty stuff.’ I frowned.

This wasn’t mum. It was one of her friends. ‘One minute, pet. You mother’s gone shopping. She’ll be back kind of late. You want to leave a message.

I could tell her if my memory doesn’t back me dow, Asian Ladies Com.’ She carried on talking about how she forgot to lock her car and other useless things. But what really got me was my mum has gone shopping?

But I’m on an aeroplane! She should be worried if I got here safe. Instead shes seeing if pink or purple sandels suit her dresses. He got up from the table and walked over to me and then picked me UP She shook her head no. Taylor looked down at her gow, Asian Ladies Com. It truly was beautiful.

It was strapless with embroided shimmery leaf patterns in silver, that stretched across the top. The bottom flowed down in heavy layers, ending with a trail at the back. The white shone against her tan skin, showcasing her beautiful physique and beautiful face. The natural yet beautifully crafted makeup highlighted her eyes and face structure, making her look much more mature than her 18 year old self. Taking a deep breath, Taylor locked arms with her father, and nodded once, before standing in front of the doors to the church. “That’s who I was on the phone with” “Well that’s what you get for checking out Mrs. Fianna pig ” “ Anytime!

” Clay said. I flicked him off, and he laughed.

I looked at Art who was smiling, and when he looked at me, I felt butterflies in my stomach, and I smiled back at him, but then I looked away, because I realized that even though I wanted to be with him I can’t be with him like that… He saw the look on my face, and he looked down, and he looked so damn sad, I think he thinks that I don’t like him like that and only as a friend.

BUT if he only knew… If he only knew. I blinked at my reflection in the bathroom mirror, surprised to see Ellen standing behind me. She smiled and walked over to the sink next to mine. That can’t be right. It must be… infatuation!

That’s right, I quickly assured myself.

It was simply not possible.

There was not one freakin’ chance I was in love with her. Walking over to the door, I looked back and saw him still sleeping. I opened the door, walked out, Asian Ladies Com then shut it gently.

I laughed very quietly at the way she struggled with the word beautiful.

“Why, thank you,” I whispered in return, “now, let’s watch the bride,” “It’s alright.

Not my scene though.”

Asian Ladies Com