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Asian Ladies For MarriageNight had fallen hours ago and Blair still searched out her prey. He saw her before she saw him. He tackled her into an alley and slugged her in the face. Gah that hurt. Straightening from her slumped position on the wall she looked into his eyes and he staggered back. “I obviously can’t tell you. That’d ruin the surprise.” I poked him in the chest. “But I can tell you that it wouldn’t be this.” I glanced around to make sure there were no cars coming, no neighbors staring out of windows, no one to see. Then slowly, tantalizingly, I leaned up and pressed my lips against his. The kiss was long and hot, but before it got too deep, I pulled back, leaving Randy with an awed, hungry look on his face. I locked the house up, making sure to set the alarm, and headed upstairs. Sky lay on her side, her arm under her head, hair in the usual braid, reading a book. She put a bookmark in between the pages and set the book down as I approached.

“Goodnight, Da, Asian Ladies For Marriage.” She said, her honey voice soft. ”where?

” Then I whisper in her ear “You know that Damien s staring at you?” “I’ve got a date tonight,” he said. “I’m driving to meet her right now. I’m sorry, Lissa. I totally forgot it was a Thursday.” Keep it cool Dylan, she probably enjoyed it or something…

Or something, what if she hates me more? What if she quits, but then again I don’t have to pay her. Fucking Carter and making me dreamy about Sea. Stupid little bro, look what you made your bro do. Do to a stinking maid for his! I felt the tears I’d been holding back brim over and I pushed his hands from my arms. “I can’t…I just can’t.” I said, and I walked away. “You were sloppy.” Blunt much? I turned back to James, not looking up. “ Well you’re a girl. Do the only thing girls know how to do,” he smirked pointing down to his pants. My jaw clenched, and I took a step forwards swinging my fist, and hit him right in the jaw. He stumbled back shocked, and I brought my other fist up and hit him in the cheek, and then I brought my knee up, and he tumbled backwards, and I lunged for him pinning him down, and I held my hand against his throat.

Beep, beep . . . beep, beep . . . beep, beep “I won’t call you Dec the, Asian Ladies For Marriage…Dec.” I said laughing my head off. Man, I bet I seemed seriously wierd to this guy! I’m surprised he hadn’t run out screaming by how me and Marissa were acting.

Asian Ladies For Marriage