Asian Love

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Asian LoveI grinned, “Ok, all you guys ever say is good stuff about him. Is there any bad stuff in his life that you consider bad?” I got in just as Jake and his parents were heading out our house. F*ck him! I hated him…no wait, I loathe him. He grinned at me through the window as I scowled at him. He slid open the door and smiled like a fool as he clambered i, Asian Love. What was his freaking problem? Did he just bump his head and completely forget about his black eye? Whatever, it’s his problem not mine. He sat on the opposite seat of me and started texting on his I-phone. I slumped down and pulled out my I-pod…ah, Paramore always lifts my mood! I was so comfortable and before I knew it I was asleep…

See ya Riley shrugged.

“It depends on what kind of person he is. I don’t order Lily around because I know that she can rip my head off and use it for volleyball.

” Riley laughed.

The other guys just stared at each other in horror. Knowing their going to pay too. “My guess,” Cash said, smiling up at me, “is that she was just born that way.” I looked away from him to find Gram leaning against the wall behind him, grinning with lust in his eyes. They were both insane, I realized, John did the work, and Gram watched with pleasure.

I shrugged and took another sip of my drink. His knees fold from the surprise and he falls to his side against me. I guide his arm around my waist and roll into his embrace, fully intending to let go of any obligations and practicality for the most important person in my life. He lets me control our movements, and I add pressure into the kiss, rubbing his shoulder and the sides of his arm. “ You love him, why are you gonna bite your tongue and not tell him?” I heard Gabe’s voice from behind me. I kept my back towards him. “ When you finally decide to say something, it’s going to be too late, Asian Love then you’ll be saying what if for the rest of your life…” “Okay, Sara you look so beautiful in that dress” “Tyler, you’re so hot just like your brother.

” “ What’s your real name?” Eric asked. Heather started being a goodie-goodie again, “Because…

they’re going to kill you Sea. Dylan will definitely murder you if you go.” Chapter 20 Also, it didn’t hurt that I could plainly see he had a crush on Sadie.

I smiled, “Can you let me down?” He poured me 3 large glasses of clear liquid, and I downed them all, smiling at the burning warmth that spread throughout me. “Can I have shum muh?”

Asian Love