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I fell asleep thinking deeply about what we would do. “ hello Alec,” Mr. Ore smiled. My jaw dropped, and I looked around and saw the only open seat was at our table. Alec smiled. “ Class this is a student that will be joining us this year,” Mr. Ore smiled.

“I thought I’d miss him more, but… that’s not the problem.

” “What? I can’t help who I fantasize about.

You can’t help that you have kinky dreams involving unattainable soccer studs, so it isn’t my fault that my deep dark fantasy involves me, your brother, and a—” She softened just a little, her angry pout lessening. “What?” she asked. Aunt Mabel’s POV. “Get out of bed now, you’ve already slept in and your aunt Marissa is expecting you in a couple of hours!

” She said in a frantic, shrill voice. She threw my covers off of my bed and left in a quick blur. I laid there for a few seconds trying to get my still sleeping brain to register what my mum had just said. “I advise that you follow her” I said to Damien “You’re… back!” I happily exclaimed, squeezing in even closer to him, shutting my eyes, immersing myself in this joy I was experiencing.

It was enchanting, those few meager seconds. I shouldn’t have been comparing the two. God, I was a terrible girlfriend. ‘Fine. I’ll do it.’ I said. Everyone looked at me, shocked.

Even Matt looked shocked for a second. “Brilliant” “Thanks, squirt.

” By that point, I wasn’t getting nearly so anxious about the slumber parties. I’d gotten to know all the girls pretty well, and I was even getting used to the crowded bedrooms. That night, I was actually looking forward to the sleepover.

Or was it? The unspoken question gnawed at me, eating at my heart. Unable to think of anything else to do, I turned the lights off and settled down and tried to sleep. God, how I hated spending nights alone.

“Why are you after me?” He glared My phone buzzed again, and again Chris read it an started pacing with an even bigger scowl.

He shrugged his shoulders “Who knows” he said then started walking to the door “Catch you later” she stop the music, and wiped up the swet of her forehead.

Asian Mail Order Bride