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Asian Marriage Bureau

The plane landed and the limo was waiting for us there. It was breezy, but not freezing cold. I looked around still have no idea where we were. Being in the limo and driving around made me think that we are in a nig city. “ Don’t push your luck,” he said, and I bit my lip trying to suppress my laughter, and nodded my head, and stepped back and the guys started to scarf down the food. I made my way towards the stairs, but then I turned around and looked at Corey and then at Art. I like Art, but he doesn’t like me like that, and I never did like Corey like that but he like me like that… Blah… Art is only two years older than me, and Corey is like four and a half years older than me… I sighed, and made my way up to my room, and closed the door behind me letting out a deep breath. I fell onto my bed, and closed my eyes. I reached into my pocket, and pulled out my phone, and dialed in a number I knew by heart.

The phone rang about 6 times before someone answered. “Hello? Anybody?

” I asked. “ So, how are you going to do it?” He asked. I checked my clipboard, and turned to Nancy.

“Has Ollie improved at all since this morning?” “Ah, Miss Shore pleasure for you to come to class. LATE.” Mrs. Leavitt or should I say ‘Ms.’ Leavitt, ever since her husband divorced her. Serves her right, I made who the hell would cheat on their husband just for a student?!

Mr-I mean Ms. Leavitt has bright orange hair and cold blueish-gray eyes. Honesty, how can someone marry her? She’s like a queen of hell and I mean it. She would yell at you for say…losing a pencil. Ms. Leavitt’s nicknames are like Ms. Cougar and Ms. Bird. Her nickname of bird is all because of her beak-like nose. Cougar for cheating on her husband with one of her former students. However, he is making it shake, and that is what is scaring me so much. I don’t like to be vulnerable, and Xavier is doing an awful good job of making me feel that way. I am independent.

I can’t lean on anybody, for all they do is leave. My mind flashes back to that time, and my blood runs cold. Chapter 9 Chapter 9 But then her belly twisted weirdly and she gasped.

“Sweet Goddess that hurts.” “She hates me.” I sighed.

“Ha, ha,” I mumbled. “All right.

We should get back to work; we’re moving too slowly, and there will be other things to shelve soo, Asian Marriage Bureau.” “I have everything picked out and don’t worry, everything is going to be FAB!!!” Mrs. Cohen said and grinned.

Asian Marriage Bureau