Asian Matchmaker

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Asian Matchmaker

He smiled but not a real one though. “Feisty, I like it but it doesn’t suit you well. You’re more like… innocent.. but you can’t be tame-” Before he finished his entire sentence, he pinned me onto the wall. Dylan’s face and lips were only an inch apart.

“Miss Shore, you may not know this, I can’t be tamed also. Girls love me so…the past maids before you loved me also. So…why don’t you?” He said seductively causing me to flush red as a tomato. Chapter 1 – School Here I Come (Part 2) “Say it…come on, this could all stop if you just relented!

” Jake said. That traitor, I’ll never say so! This was blackmail! I shook my head back and forth, laughing and hiccupping, out of breath.

Oh god, I’m going to pee my pants if he continues! “Cole Fields? I think he’s in the same year as you, but he’s a year older.

” He said, and I knew instantly who it was. There was only one guy in my year that had been held back. He was known well as the bad-boy of our school and I’d seen him get into trouble a lot of the time. I don’t think I’d ever spoke to him though.

“Why should I?” she asked airily, laughter lacing her words. I shivered from the cold and my knee trembled beneath me. “That’d be great. She should have it in the laundry room.” He said. “Arg, NO, Alice!

I’m moving!

” There, that ought to catch her attentio, Asian Matchmaker. The breeze danced across the horizon, blowing wisps of my ruby red hair to the side, my green eyes hidden under Aviators. There were people surrounding me on every side, Asian Matchmaker the airports and streets filled to the very maximum capacity.

From a distance, I could make out a tall, weed-like man with dark skin and big brown eyes, and immediately walked over, joy in my features. He was one of the few people I was happy to meet here in Hollywood. The only thing left that I hadn’t read was his small signature, with rough and jagged letters, as if he was afraid to write his name. I could feel his emotions with every word, every scratch and scrawl.

He truly believed what he said. “Love, you fainted at the party last night. You’re birthday’s coming soon, which means you’re change is fast approaching.

Asian Matchmaker