Asian Matrimony

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Asian MatrimonyI crawled through the hole, and waited to see if Evian was going to follow. I then saw his body coming through the hole and I smiled. I stood up, and started to climb up the rocks, and Evian struggled behind me. I lifted myself up through two rocks, and light shined through. I stood up, and looked around and then I heard Evian gasp from behind me. we looked out into the sight before us. We were on top of one of the highest peaks in the forest, and saw everything.

The sun was bright, and there was a gentle breeze.

Evian stood next to me, and sat down on a rock, and I sat down next to him. I sighed, I knew if I didn’t tell her, that she wouldn’t stay away from Gram, but I was afraid to bring her into this. “If I tell you this, you have to promise me that this will stay between us, no one can ever know this.” I said seriously. Something warm touches my palm, and I look to the right to see Xavier at my side. “I call touching Mona’s hand,” he says firmly, his joking manner contrasting with his fierce expressio, Asian Matrimony. A hint of a smile appears on my face as Xavier’s support fills me with hope. Cash’s eyes went wide. “No? Is something wrong?

” I looked up to see James above me. “Can I sit here…?” Why not give the poor guy a break?

He didn’t let me answer and just sat down in the chair. “Thanks.

” I could feel every single girl’s eyes burning through my body. Calm down, it’s not like we’re dating. One of the deadly eyes also belonged to Miss Leavitt.

“No, now let’s go. We are almost late.” Sunny said, leading me down the steps and to the front door. “Give it back.” I said, giving a hard yank. We arrived at their safe house, I wanted to wake Nikki up but I know she’s tired. I just carry her bridal style to our room. Their safe house is just a simple but nice mansio, Asian Matrimony. I remembered the time when Nikki and I used to stay here every summer.

We both sleep in the same room, Asian Matrimony the house is still clean because Nikki’s dad used to pay some people to take a look and clean the house.

I lay her down to the bed. I heard a knock and saw an old woman, she looks familiar then I knew that she was the one who took care of me and Nikki when we go to the lake. “Nick, you’ve grown” the old woman greeted. “Nana! How are you?” I replied.

We used to call her nana she’s like our grandmother. “Well, still looking and cleaning here” she smiled. “Well at least you’re still okay right?

” I smiled back. “Yeah! Is that Nikki?” she asked.

“Yeah! She’s tired” I explained.

Asian Matrimony