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Asian ModelsI felt the heat burning on my arms and my legs are surrounded by long legs, as I open my lazy eyes I saw my best friend embracing me tight. Last night was fun, I got my best friend back though he reveals that Myka and him are done and I well… I met my first crush or love or whatsoever again! But the most confusing part was why the hell Nick asked me about my feelings! Why now? I’m totally confused about this but I need to be fair. Clint taught me to forget my feelings about Nick and well actually not totally but I do really need to forget my feelings for him? “B! What lap are you on?!” I asked Bianca as she passed Dylan turn to Tyler then took a glance at me. Pulling my arm off of Aiko…oops I forgot about that. -_^ “Actually, this weirdo here (staring at me)she’s our new maid…sadly.

” RUDE! “Ray, you aren’t making any sense. What’s going on? What is this place?” I move to get up from my seat, but a strange force holds me dow, Asian Models. I look down, and in horror see a thick rope strapped around my waist.

I whip my face back up to him, and he is smiling sadly at me, his hands still raised. “Hey, beautiful.

” He greeted me, bringing a smile onto my face. And she wasn’t the only one with a story to share. I watched as several of the girls stood and told their stories.

All of them smiling at me when they reached the end. All of them laughing and proud and confident.

All of them really believing that my “Eve, why aren’t you happy?

Come on, sing with me! Your voice is incredible!!” Sadie squealed, starting in on her prey this time; Justin Bieber’s song called ‘Pray’. She stood me up and looked me over, smiling and nodding once. “You’re perfect.” “ Go away,” I muttered.

“because it’s all for popularity and crap like that and I shouldn’t be agreeing with a teacher 😀 but yeah you are right he is a dick why do you wanna know just wondering” I said raising an eyebrow I swear my stomach and lower back was still squished.

“And that means that there is one bed.” “It’s Wednesday!

You have to go to work” he said “So get that cute ass of yours out of bed” I promise I will

Asian Models