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Asian Most Beautiful

And I will! We arrived at Mich’s party and he led me towards the door. We were surprised when we saw some of our friends back the, Asian Most Beautiful. “Nikki, you’re still beautiful” said Roland, one of my classmate on 8th grade. “Yeah! She’s still the most beautiful alien” teased Mich. “Yeah! The undefined species has spoken” I teased back. Everybody laughed some started dancing and some were making out! GROSS! “Nikki?

Are you alright?” Mike asked. “Yeah!” I replied.

“You’re already drunk!” he said. “Nah! I’m not, I’m just a little bit dizzy.

Don’t worry I can handle myself!” I responded.

Were in the middle of sharing stories when Mich grabbed me “Nikki, I’m sorry to say but I have invited Nick and his girlfriend” she said. “Great!

” I responded. “What’s your problem if Nick is here?” Mike interrupts.


We just have an argument because of his liar bitchy girlfriend” I responded.

“Really? Is that the only problem?” Mich smirked.

“What else do you want to know Mich?” I sigh. “You’re jealous, aren’t you?” Mike asked.

“Nope! I’m just… I’m just mad of myself” I admitted. “Why?” Mich asked.

“It’s just, you know I’ve been waiting for him to come back. I’ve been homeschooled because I don’t want to make new friends without him and suddenly POOF! He’ll get back here telling everyone that he has a girlfriend!

” I cried.

“You’re jealous?” Mike asked. “I hate to admit it but yes” I admitted.

“Well tell him then!” Mich suggested.

“How? I’m just his best friend! And he doesn’t like me like that! Maybe it’s better if I’ll go home” I said. “No way!” Mich yelled. Before I could answer I felt an arms grabbing my waist, I turn around to saw who is it and surprisingly I saw Mike smirking.

“Let’s play the game then!” he said. “What?” I asked confusingly.

I saw Mich smiled full of excitement and Mike smirking. “Tonight! We’ll know if Nick has feelings for you!” Mich smiled.

“I’m 100% sure he just loves me as his best friend and nothing more” I said. “We’ll never know if we don’t try!” Mike smiled. He grasped it abruptly.

The female, Asian Most Beautiful the link to her borne Vampire, was reacting to him on profound levels.

An embedded fragment, one he had no reason to believe existed, shattered, imploding deep within his very core. His muscles shook with it, his insides flamed.

Asian Most Beautiful