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Asian Nice Girl

He nodded once. “Yeah. She needed a few days off anyway. Her niece called saying she had sent a surprise for Linda and it came in the mail yesterday, that surprise was a ticket to Santiago to visit her. I told Linda to take a vacation, and she took my advice.” He explained.

He remains motionless, thinking hard. “So you show the symptoms of both supernatural species?” “The whole place is up in flames, two people trapped inside.

” “Here goes nothing,” I whispered softly, and began to sing, playing the melody on the piano. Chris’ POV “ Im Evian,” He said not shaking my hand. I pulled my hand back and smiled. . I then felt a pounding in my head and I groaned, forgetting about the fight stupidly, and reached up to grab my throbbing head. Then I was knocked to the ground, and I heard Griffin groan, “Alex.” Fuck it. “It’s on third street.

” I explained.

How was that possible? “Well, I’m kind of obligated to treat you well,” Ali said. “If not, I might be banished from your room.” I turned on my heel and left Damian standing there, shocked into silence. I stormed up the stairs, grumbling to myself.

I was very mad at Damian now that I knew he was alright. It made me smile a bit through my anger to realize just how ridiculous Damian and I were. We fought over the simplest remarks.

I turned the shower on to boiling hot and jumped in, letting the water heat my skin until it turned red. She scowled, “I know that!” “Good, er-afternoon class. Let’s change it up a bit and boys can you tell me what’s so funny?!

” The boys in the back, stopped laughing. “Okay then, we’re doing a project.

” Everyone in the class groan besides me, I love this class. “Quit acting like a bunch of babies. Including you boys, you’re supposed to be…or at least be, me, Asian Nice Girl. Now, stop acting like brats!

Before I make all the boys in this room dress up in cheerleader uniforms.

All that make-up, and dolled up. Boy, don’t you think girls the boys will look lovely in it?” The door swings open to reveal two armed guards, both staring at my strange position on the floor. Blushing, I scramble to my feet. “NO I’m not! And don’t you dare argue with me.” My angry face was showing, making Eve drown in tears of laughter. “Wake up.” Someone was whispering in my ear

Asian Nice Girl