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Asian PersonalsI nodded eagerly and started walking toward the food court. I stopped at Subway. I ordered a turkey sandwich and a soda. Bianca got Chinese food. We sat down at a table and started eating.

Most of the guys were in line at Wendy’s. The line was really long, don’t know why they didn’t leave the line. Cool that just answered my question, it was 3.30pm when that text came so I decided to go to the restaurant now just in case I’ll be late……20 minutes later I was there, I knocked on the door twice already and he wasn’t opening the door, why the hell isn’t he bloody opening the door? I was going to knock again when the door opened to show Will with a cheeky grin on his face I meandered over to the lake, marveling at it’s beauty. It was crystal clear, Asian Personals the dark waters reflecting the night above. There seemed to be no turmoil beneath the surface, Asian Personals the pure serenity suspended in time, for these few meager seconds that nearly made my heart burst with happiness.

Dex did not have a beauty such as this over in Hollywood. “Bye Scar” She said looking me up and down Does he… you know.. like…no ofcourse not Cece, how can he.. “What, Eve?” Sadie asked, exasperated.

With that i left them and was heading home…45 minutes later i just arrived to my house when its 12pm.*yawn*men christy did me good today. I went to open the front door when i notice all the lights were turn off, so im guessing that alex is already asleep.

shit i knew i should have came home earlier. “Did you tell him where I was?” I asked her. Vincent laughed too. Publication Date: November 18th 2013 There is no time for me to react before his lips meet mine, his teeth tugging at my bottom lip. The kiss is gentle, but soon evolves into an animalistic passion that is impossible to control.

His tongue invades my mouth, and I accept it willingly, hoping that he will share some of his burden with me. That he will let me into his heart when it matters the most. ________________________ “ Your class will be… 301, so you better get going Ms. Ty, and Mr. Ryan,” he smiled.

I nodded my head, and walked out of the class, and Ryan lingered behind me. “Cause I don’t think you want to lose your virginity tonight.

” He said looking down at me “Xavier.” The word leaves my mouth, leaving me surprised and confused. How did I know that? How did I know him? Hey

Asian Personals