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Asian Pretty FaceI opened my phone and read the text. My eyes widden in horror. “What? Why? We haven’t won yet.” “WHAT DO YOU MEAN THE TECHNITION SHOULD HAVE SEEN IT! COULD WE HAVE PREVENTED THIS?!” I laughed and started waling toward the door. “What?!” I frowned. OKAY the whole class said “ Clayton!

I am sick for one day… I sleep in for just one day, and you and the five other idiots trash our kitchen!

” I shrieked throwing my hands up in the air. Together, Linsahamo, and his mate Gathamas, created the first generation of wolves. And so, werewolves were bor, Asian Pretty Face. It is said that the Wolven Goddess had hair as golden as the sun’s rays, and eyes as dark as the night sky. She had skin like winter’s snow and lips like the blood in our veins. “Aaand there’s the Simon I know and love” I said “Hey, how come you aren’t out there?

” “What about you? What were you thinking?

” “About what?” I woke up and felt much better. I still didn’t have enough strength to sit up but at least I wasn’t dozing off in the middle of my sentences.

My mother was still sitting next to me. I felt Kayden tense even more. Great job Tony. Just great. Once again, I envied my pretty sister. “That’s just our physical therapy centre that got damaged; we can easily transfer the members to another part of the building until it’s repaired.

” George looked shocked and angry “NO! she can’t be, I just saw her five minutes ago, we were driving home together” he sits up and starts getting out of the bed “Your lying, I’ll go home and she’ll be there” “-No buts’.” I looked down and saw the hottest girl in school laying with me. Then he ran out, shutting the FUCKING door behind him! Oh that bastard! Oh oh oh… “Who are you texting?

” I asked playfully.

Asian Pretty Face