Asian Pretty Woman

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Asian Pretty WomanThe warmth that surrounded me so quickly and suddenly felt so safe and reassuring. My babies stopped terrorising my stomach and calmed themselves down and my horrible dreams stopped. I huffed inwardly, irritation searing through me, and took my debit card. With two delicate fingers, I slid it into the clear plastic spot designated for my method of payment.

“ You alright? ” Someone asked. I nodded my head and waved them off. “I need to get clothes.

” I lifted my cup and blew some steam off the coffee and took a few tentative sips. When the drink didn’t scald my throat, I gulped it down, and motioned for a refill.

“Really?” he asked, sounding as if it was an unexpected answer. I really didn’t mean what I said, but I didn’t care. “You’ll see in the morning.

It’s not like it’s something you couldn’t see.” I smirked and turned my back to him “I’m fine,” I murmur softly, still disconcerted by the way the whole class is staring at us. I have had enough. “Ray did nothing wrong,” I fire at him, “I knew the risks.

I made the choice. Ray shouldn’t have to leave the pack because of me. I’m here, aren’t I?” My words float in the breeze towards Xavier’s unwilling ears. Indignation pierces me, emanating so everyone can see it. Once I really think about it, if I was not his mate, he would not have fallen in love with me at all. In fact, I would have been dead now. I would have been given everything I asked for on that one awful night. “Sadie.

Stop,” I said, discomfort mounting in my chest. She waved off my numerous complaints.

Blair smiled awkwardly, those had been her most favorite boots, “No.” She said as they neared the tree line, “I hope Gabriel’s not mad that I chopped my hair off. Literally.” She said as she hesitated.

It was the owner of the record deal company, RACE, that I work with. As I flipped open the shiny phone, I had immediately switched to a business tone. RACE controlled practically my whole life, so I couldn’t disrespect one of them.

Asian Pretty Woman