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Asian PrettyHe grabbed a sport uniform for me. “Well, you better be ready Clint! I will fight” I hissed. But how? How will I tell Nikki that I love her? I will talk to her! Now is the time! “Walking with you to school,” he grins, his expression absolutely breathtaking.

His eyes are full of eagerness, reminding me of an energetic puppy when playing with its master.

Joy races through his features, undaunted by my lack of a smile. In fact, I can’t even disguise a scowl. “What do you want?” I asked not looking at him. Because I can’t. “How did you sleep?

” I asked. “Yes. You. That’s your punishment for sneaking off to the party and getting your butt ass drunk. Not just of taking care of Carter but also washing the dishes, laundry, cars, and add all the Halloween decorations.

” The audiences agreed. I’ll be moving out for college in less than a year, and Dad will get another job. They’ll be able to buy another house. This is just temporary….

That’s what they keep saying, at least.” He sighed and looked away for a moment before letting his eyes meet mine agai, Asian Pretty. “Honestly, I’m kind of afraid that if I settle in too much, Dad will think I’ve accepted this place as home. It’s like, by not making myself too comfortable here, I’m showing I believe he’ll find another job, you know?” A plethora of lovely ladies crowd around me instantly, something I have grown to handle.

Many new faces are around, made-up into oblivio, Asian Pretty. I instantly smile, trying desperately to veil the sudden discomfort underneath.

I used to be right at home under these admiring gazes, but now they scare me as if I am a deer caught in the headlights.

“Why?” Chapter 15 “Let’s talk about this after breakfast.

” Mr. Cohen said. Jason looked at me and I looked away. “Football fans, huh?” Cash said. “Fast? What do you mean by that?” he asks, his brown eyes creasing in confusio, Asian Pretty. “Do you not feel the attraction as well? We are mates, Mona.” “You better not.” She said strictly I also didn’t understand why he was working at the library “Oh, honey, you look handsome!

” mom exclaimed, adjusting my tie. “Okay were gonna cut class early cause we need to get dressed properly before we meet up with them.” I was confused. Wasn’t what I was wearing okay enough? He started the engine and pulled out of the parking lot. It was a long 15 minute drive to where ever we were going.

When the car came to a stop I got out and noticed we were at one of the best dress store in this part of the area. I gave Chloe a sharp look.

Asian Pretty