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Asian SitePublication Date: October 12th 2013 “It’s okay, Ray.” I shoot him a bright smile, splashing him with water. “You are special in your own way. I’m not going to lie; you and Xavier DO look alike.

However, people don’t look at you and say ‘Look, Asian Site there’s Xavier.’ They say ‘Look, Asian Site there’s Ray.'” “Her teacher,” Ms. Leavitt said in a ‘DUH’ tone. “My question is who are you? A mother of a broke family and a mother who can’t raise her daughters the right way.” “And what do you know about respecting women, eh, Romeo?

” the drunken man’s face flushed a deep red as he struggled to his feet. “You probably want the same thing outta her that I do!” “ Ditto!

” he smirked walking away. I looked at the date once more, and realized suddenly that it was two days after the twins’ eighteenth birthday. So she doesn’t have her mother’s permission, so she has to wait until after her birthday? I wished, suddenly, that I could be there when Sadie finally told her mother, imagining the screams that would follow.

“What?” she demanded in exasperatio, Asian Site.

“It’s not like it’s contagious! Need I remind you that you went through it too?!” It didn’t stop him from turning on his heels and running, his mocking laughter echoing through the hallways.

She nodded and relaxed her tense body. This revelation shocks me. How can I just discover something like this? What has happened to my memories? Am I going crazy? We walked into the house and all the guys came running to us from the couch.

“Heey there sexy.” said a guy who I had to admit was cute as a doll. I just smiled and said “Heey.” Nathan growled at them and they backed away to the couch. Then we walked into the living room and sat in the empty couch.

“Guys, I would like you to meet the love of my life; Ella.” They all smiled a big smile and got up and hugged me. I hugged them all back, but I noticed that this one guy didn’t. My cheeks burn as I hastily drop my hand to my side. Griffin doesn’t seem to notice my embarrassment, acting as if she hadn’t just snubbed me in front of him. “She will be taking care of the ritual, Mona. You have nothing to worry about.

She is the best of the best.”

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