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Asian TeenBefore she could answer, I hung up and grabbed my purse. Home was about three hours away, I didn’t care how bad a shape my car was in, I was going to get home and have a few words with him. Xavier stares at her, horrified. “I actually feel you’d look worse with makeup on than you would without. I can’t believe it!” she told Wendy who was walking towards us. “She doesn’t need a makeover.

” “No she’s sitting next to me.” ”around 7 at night.” During the entire period, girls keep throwing glances towards Xavier, and he seems completely comfortable with the attentio, Asian Teen. He stares straight ahead, devoting his attention to the teacher, absorbing everything the man says. Out of the corner of my eye, I take in his profile.

Long lashes frame emerald eyes, leading into a straight nose and light red lips that are twisted into a light smirk as I sneak glances at him. He turns his head, ignoring the girl’s lovesick simpers, and smirks even bolder at me. “Like what you see?” he asks slyly, smiling sweetly at my scowl. My blush reoccurs, spreading across my face like wildfire.

The car ride home was the most excruciating thing I have ever done. I felt as if my heart was being ripped out over and over again with every mile I left between us. I needed Andy so badly and yet I left her to make her own decisions.

I didn’t want to, hell I wanted to pick her up and drag her all the way home. Zooming home in silence, we gaze at the beautiful flowers as they fade into towering trees. “Xavier?

” I finally say, as we are buried in the forest. “Food!” Matt put his head on a side, seeming confused. Even though this wasn’t the right time, I couldn’t help but see how amazing Matt looked.

He was so fit and handsome and I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone more handsome than him.’Look, it’s easy.’ Matt said. He lifted the top of the basket. He nodded, stuffing a crunchy eel in his mouth.

My nose scrunched with annoyance. “I hate dates…

including if Dylan’s in it.” Translation: Naiyomi Nieves

Asian Teen