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This caused a lot of trauma and when he was born his body couldnt function properally. So in short hisbody would let him breath. I’m sorry.

” I nodded and looked over at Chris while he glared at the Doctor.

Chapter 21 She laid her hand on my cheek and I shivered from the contact.

She pulled my head to look at her. Sunny laughed and said, “Well, guess what, IT IS A HIGH HEEL!” I stepped away and let her walk i, Asian Top Girls. She walked to the living room where all the guys were. She was wearing a red miniskirt, white short sleeve shirt and white Vans. Guess Dallas gets his wish. I woke up the next morning to Ethan next to me. I smiled as I watched him sleep. He looked so calm and peaceful, and unbelievably handsome. “So?” I shrugged, turning my attention back to the window, enjoying the view of the purple flowers I had planted yesterday…

With a hungry expression, he lifts the folds of my tank top, pushing it upwards so it exposed my stomach. His gaze darkens as he surveys the mark near my hip. “Did he touch you… there?” He gestures towards the mark. I just looked at him for a moment, Asian Top Girls then nodded.

He immediately kisses my stomach, every one of his kisses surrounding the mark but none of them touching it. “This is the one part of you that belongs to him,” he angrily states, “but nothing else will.” I grabbed a Miller and opened it. I walked back into the living room as the door bell went off. I went and answered it. Gizelda looks at me, and I can feel her desperate gaze. The Shifters are vanishing into trees and fountains, making the water turn to lava and the leaves into burning coal. “Shut up. It’s important.

” He said in a serious voice “Here, is the bandage, I tried to find a smaller one, but I gave up.” he said, handing me the enormous bandage.

He smiled and shook his head. “No.” And he kissed the tip of my nose and got up, jogging back over for football practice.

I rolled my eyes and sighed.

I looked back out at the track to see everyone was just about done with the exercise. James, Nala, and Peter were grinning at me, walking over to where I sat. “I guess Damian couldn’t get enough of your sexy ass.” Peter joked, making Nala laugh and push his shoulder playfully.

Asian Top Girls